Ward Personnel partner with Taxback.com to help our site workers to get any tax refunds that they may be owed

Posted Jul 3, 2023

We are constantly trying to identify ways to help out our site workforce in any way we can. When we process your wages every week through payroll, we take the maximum care to ensure everything is correct and that your tax credits that we receive electronically from Revenue are always applied correctly. In some cases, there may be additional tax allowances due to you that can only be claimed by completing a year end tax return – which we cannot do on your behalf as it must be processed by the individual worker.

However, we have now entered into a partnership with Taxback.com to help you to do this and to check if you are owed any refunds from revenue at the end of the tax year. See more details below and its basically a free opportunity to see if you are owed any tax refund !

To help you to check if you are owed any tax refunds, Ward Personnel has teamed up with Taxback, a leading tax refund provider in the Irish market.

And guess what? They are offering a FREE 4-year tax review to all Ward Personnel employees! That’s right, you could potentially receive a lump sum of cash that you never knew was coming your way

But that’s not all – Taxback is also offering an exclusive 10% discount on their tax refund and tax refund services to all WARD PERSONNEL employees. So not only can you potentially receive a refund, but you can also save money on their already affordable services.

To start your free review and find out what you could be owed, simply click below